Check your plumber’s contractor licence!


One of the most important steps you should take before choosing a plumber is to check the validity of their contractor’s licence! The NSW Government Office of Fair Trading runs an on-line service that allows you to run a plumber licence check quickly and easily.

The website will be able to tell you:

  • details about the licence, such as the type of work your plumber is allowed to do
  • the expiry date of the licence
  • the results of any relevant prosecutions
  • the number of insurance claims paid in respect to work done
  • details of any penalty notices, and
  • the details of any cancellations or suspensions of the licence

Every plumber should have their contractors licence on them at all times.

And additionally, any advertising by a plumbing company needs to have the licence number displayed.

Click through to this website and you will be able to start a licence check.

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