Roofing Renovations

Whether you’re tired of repairing leaks, had major storm damage or you’re restoring the look of your roof to its glory days, STS Plumbing are licenced and experienced in all areas of roofing renovations.

We have found that Colorbond withstands the harsh Australian conditions and is suitable for any purpose. Our favourite job is to remove a tile roof and install Colorbond as this changes the look of a house straight away. Furthermore, the benefits of Colorbond include;

  • It’s cooler than tile roofing
  • Insulation can be installed directly under the roof sheet
  • It doesn’t retain heat through the night
  • It’s a lighter product than tiles
  • It’s stronger than tiles
  • If you are sick of the Colour after 10 years, its easily sprayed!

Good roof installation will protect your home for years to come. Ensuring you are safe from the elements, and there is no water ingress to damage your home. Being Sydney locals,we understand the types of weather your home will expect, and with a wealth of experience, we can save you time and money by doing the right job the first time.

To ensure your roof will stand up to the elements, STS Plumbing will design the bestreplacement roof for your area, and the expected weather for your region. We can even connect the gutters to new or existing water tanks, helpingyou to save water and money.

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Roofing Renovation Services

To ensure you choose the right roof for your home, STS Plumbing will talk you through each option and provide upfront costs so you can make the right choice. We take pride in the quality of every roof we install and roof leak repair, cleaning as we go to protect your home and reduce disruption to your lifestyle. The end result is a roof you’ll love as much we do.

Our roofingrenovationservicescaninclude:

  • Removaland disposalof existing tiles or steel
  • Undertake any repairs on roofstructureif required
  • Install leaf guards, guttering, eaves, vents, sunlights and roofing
  • Install water tanks and tank pump systems
  • We also do RoofRepairs

Safety is our number one priority during roofing jobs and we comply with all Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) standards as well as hold valid certificates of currency for Workers Compensation and Public Liability.

Common Roofing Renovation Questions:

1. How does quoting work?
Free on-site quotes given for roof and gutter replacements for given quantities. We cant attend on site to give a quote to fix a leak. Leaks can some times be tricky to locate If investigating leaks for possible repair and patch work, fees start from $220. This allows us to gain access to the roof,conduct some testing and repair if it is an easy fix. If a larger body of work is required, we will submit a report and a fully itemized quote to conduct the works. You can use this report and quote to gain other prices from other companies to compare the quotes.

2. I got a cheap quote –what should I worry about?
A good roof installation will cope with any heavy downpour, without any leaks or over-flowing gutters. This can be hard for the un-trained eye to spot with a major storm, and by then it is too late. Some basic tell-tail signs include: misaligned screws, cuts between sheets that are not aligned, box gutters that are too small or have pooled water that does not drain.

3. How long will the work take?
An average size home takes about 1 week to have the roof replaced professionally.

4. What could happen if my roof is not installed correctly?
A poor installation could allow leaks. These might not be seen immediately, until rising damp is found, or other damage to the structure of your home. Even a poorly installed roof may cope with most average rain, but will fail whenthere is one of the all too regular Sydney storms.

5. Can we do any of the work?
Under Work, Health & Safety legislation we advise that the contractor conducts all work relating to working at heights.

6. What does an average roof replacement cost?
This will always depend on the specific site. Colourbond starts from $88 per square metre while gutters start from $88 per lineal metre. To get an accurate quote, please contact us for a free quote.

7. What could go wrong?
Work can be affected throughunforeseen severe weather and other factors such as discovery of termites in roof. We are prepared for weather events but some may cause slight damage to ceilings.

8. Can we live in the house while the work is going on?
You can live in your house whilst we replace the roof. We use protective tarpaulin covers.

9. What if it rains while the work happening?
We will ensure the tarpauling covers give you effective rain protection.

10. How do I check your roofing licence?
You can check our roofing licence by logging into the Fair Trading Website.

11. Do you subcontract all the work?
All of our work is undertaken by our own fully trained and experienced staff.

12. What is the warranty?
We offer 7 years workmanship warranty on all roof and gutter replacement items plus Colorbond has a fantastic product warranty on rust holes. You cansee their warranty conditions.


“We are happy to recommend STS Plumbing because they identified the cause of our roof leaks and gave us options.
We chose colorbond corrugated iron, because it gives us the best outcome, insulation, functional life and appearance.
STS Plumbing installed the light tubes, whirly birds and a ventilation exhaust that we required.
They came to replace the roof when they said they would and they did it in good time and in careful stages to avoid rain.
We are very satisfied with the work & product.”
– Ruth Jarvis
“As a long term client of STS plumbing, I knew who I needed to call when I was faced with the complex task of replacing a large, custom built dome.  Simon came to inspect the bespoke dome and was not fazed by the challenging task.  The base structure had badly rusted due to a leak in the outer dome and both  had to be carefully measured and replaced. The inner dome’s  stained glass segments had to be carefully  removed and set aside while the structure and outer dome were rectified.  Simon was able to source custom materials for the job and install them with meticulous attention to detail.  For such an unusual job, I was very impressed with STS Plumbing’s ability to complete the job accurately and to all the required specifications.”
– Margaret Meakin

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