Checking your Hot Water System

Aaaaah, there’s nothing like a nice warm shower on a chilly winter’s morning. Unless, unbeknowst to you, you've got hot water system problems and when you step into the shower, the water comes out cold and refuses to warm up no matter how much you turn the tap. The horror of standing under a freezing cold shower will undoubtedly throw your household into chaos.

Most of us don’t pay a second thought to our hot water system- until something like happens.  There are many different types of hot water systems on the market, including gas, electric and solar, and they come in a variety of sizes, from a small heater under the sink to commercial systems that service an entire block of units.  Despite the differences there are some common issues that you may experience, regardless of the tank you have.

How do I know I have a problem?

To help ensure that your household doesn’t have to endure the horror of the cold morning shower this winter, consider these key questions:

  • Are you running out of hot water?   If you’re not getting enough hot water to last your shower, you may have a problem with your system’s thermostat.  These are attached to the valve and a defective one can change the temperature of your water dramatically.
  • Is the hot water coming out brown?  Brown or rusty water coming out of the hot tap can be due to a corroded tank is a strong warning sign.  Corrosion can cause the tank to explode, flooding your property.
  • How old is your hot water system?  Hot water systems are made to last around 10 years, maybe a few more if you’re lucky.  They will all need replacing at some stage.  Check the label on your system, or call us if you’re unsure. Pressure relief valves should be replaced every 5 years – they are located at the top of the tank and have a little stainless steel leaver.
  • Epic failure.   A hot water system can fail at any point causing damage to the property and fixtures especially if located indoors. There are products on the market that can automatically isolate the water supply to the heater in the case of leaking protecting you and your home. Make sure that the isolation valve on your heater turns off 100% this will help if you have a leak on the weekend and are happy to wait till a work day to have repaired or replaced without having to pay weekend rates.
  • Are you aware of other products? If you tank has failed or you are just looking at reducing your energy costs, there are lots of affordable systems on the market that can better serve you. Solar is the most energy efficient system. It does come with a high investment at the start but you can pay this off in 7 years, and with stainless steel storage tanks the system can last 20 years or more. Gas instantaneous only uses energy on demand saving in some cases $50 per quarter.  There are many other systems that can be tailored to your needs.

Need expert advice?

The STS team is qualified to conduct hot water repairs and install new systems.  We can test and replace broken parts, including the tank if it has corroded or failed.  If you need a new system, we can talk you through your options for which system will best suit your needs and preferred energy supply.

Need a Local Plumber?

Our expert Sydney plumbers can be at your home or office in a jiffy to discuss your plumbing requirements.



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