Common causes of gas leaks

Gas is a clean, green option for cooking and heating your home. It’s more affordable than electricity and incredibly energy efficient, saving you money now and in the future. If you’re looking to make the switch or need a local plumber to service, repair or install gas in your home, call STS plumbing today.

Gas leaks in the home can expose you and your family to a potentially dangerous situation. If you hear a hissing sound near a gas appliance or smell the foul odour of gas inside or around your home, you may have a leak and need to take immediate action. Common causes of gas leaks and poor installation include:

  • Broken seals on appliances that cause gas to escape
  • Corrosion of old or faulty piping underneath your home
  • Inadequate ventilation of an unflued appliance, causing condensation on walls and ceilings, sooting, smells, and discolouration of painted surfaces or textiles
  • Poor gas supply that causes appliances to not work properly or shut down.

How STS Plumbing can help

Whether you want to install an outlet for a gas BBQ outdoors or convert your home from electricity to gas, our plumbers are the local experts for gas installations and repairs. Our gas services include:

  • New meter connections
  • Gas hot water installation and repairs
  • Gas leak location and repairs
  • Gas meter upgrades
  • Bayonet point installation
  • BBQ conversions
  • Gas heating installation and repairs
  • Gas equipment servicing

For emergency gas repairs, we’ll use gas leak detectors to find the source of the leak and conduct pressure tests to confirm that the path from your home to the gas line is secure. We can also upgrade the gas meter to allow more gas to flow into your property if required.

Our plumbers are certified to service, install and repair gas appliances, complying with Standards Australia and ‘AS5601 – Gas Installations’ regulations.