Balcony and Planter Box Waterproofing

We specialise in replacing failed waterproofing on balconies and planter boxes. The main purpose of waterproofing is to stop water damaging the building structure. While it sounds straightforward, water is an insidious beast and balcony and planter box waterproofing failures are extremely common, making up a large part of total defects in new builds today.

"Failures often occur due to often incorrect product and application methods being used, resulting in the corners cracking causing damage."

Balcony and planter box waterproofing is quite a unique skillset and too often, contractors simply don’t have the specialised skills and know-how.

Think you have a waterproofing issue?

If you suspect you’ve got an issue, there’s a few things to look out for. Apart from the obvious signs of water leaking, you should look at grout lines to see if white calcium is growing from the tiles or you may see calcium stains running down a wall.

So how do I fix it?

When it comes down to it, the only way to properly fix failed waterproofing is to rip it up and do it again. However, we do have skilled tradespeople that can perform a reseal. A reseal involves removal of grout and installing epoxy grout and sealing the edges This process can stop a leak for around 5 years but can fail if building movement occurs. For this reason only a conditional warranty is applied.

Why is it leaking?

Unlike bathrooms where waterproofing failures almost always often occur due to human error, balconies have one other key challenge from building movement, however the balance of issues can usually be attributed back to poor planning and implementation. The other key reasons for a leaking balcony:
  • Incorrect application of the waterproofing membrane or the wrong product applied.
  • Weak, unstable substrate or poor structure construction
  • Insufficient drainage or incorrect substrate gradient fall
  • Inadequate adjacent flashings

When do I need STS Plumbing?

For all balcony and planter box waterproofing enquiries, we are happy to visit and explore the rectification options from starting again or performing a reseal. Alternatively if you are in the process of building a new balcony and want to avoid waterproofing issues, STS can work with you in the construction phase to ensure all your waterproofing needs are met, inside the property and out.

Q: Are you licensed?

Not only are we licensed waterproofers we are also licenced Plumbers which means we know water, and where it should, and shouldn’t be.

Q: Do you offer a warranty

We proudly offer a 7 year warranty on all our Bathroom waterproofing solutions

Q: Do you provide/source all materials

Yes. Because we are passionate about doing the job right, we insist on providing materials to best suit the job at hand.