Common causes of burst pipes and water leaks

A burst pipe requires a superhero to save your home from flooding. Luckily, we have a whole team of them. We can provide you with the right advice, ask the right questions and arrive on your doorstep with all the right equipment to rescue you from a burst pipe or water leak emergency.

Burst pipes are often very hard to detect, as they are usually underground or within the walls of your home. If your water bill is unexpectedly high, there is a damp patch on a wall or the water pressure in your home is lighter than normal, you may have a burst pipe or water leak. Common causes include:

  • Old pipes that have corroded and cause water to seep from walls or floors
  • Trees that have strangled and cracked a pipe, causing puddles to appear on your lawn or driveway
  • Renovation accidents, where someone cuts through the water pipe with a drill and causes flooding

How STS Plumbing can help

We’re North Shore locals, which means it won’t take us long to get to your home and repair or replace your burst pipe. We have sophisticated listening devices that allow us to determine the exact location of the burst pipe or leak and carry out the necessary repairs, whether it’s underground or within the walls of your home. We can also remove water from carpet and flooring with a professional wet vac once the leak is sealed.

If your water pipe needs replacing, we’ll provide a fixed quote so you know how much you can expect to pay for excavating the pipe, cutting out the damaged section and replacing it with a new pipe. We can even provide finishing repairs like painting and tiling.