Small Kitchen Renovations

Giving your kitchen a makeover can add thousands to the value of your home and allows you to create a space that perfectly reflects your lifestyle. We work closely with you to ensure your new kitchen works as beautifully as it looks.
"STS Plumbing is highly experienced at creating stunning kitchens on the Lower North Shore and takes great pride in exceeding the expectations of every client whether it’s for large or small kitchen renovations. We’re inspired to maximise the potential of any space and take a craftsman’s approach to every project"
We often get called out to fix kitchen renovation mistakes made by other companies, so we know exactly what it takes to ensure it won’t happen to you. Our team will guide you through the process, from design to installation and after-sales care, so you can get the most out of your new kitchen. No matter what your budget, STS plumbing delivers high-quality work and exceptional value

Our kitchen renovation services include:

  • Design and product selection
  • Disconnecting existing fixtures and pipes in preparation for renovation
  • Supply and installation of cabinetry and bench tops
  • Installation and repositioning of pipes, drains, fixtures and hot water systems
  • Installation of appliances and fittings such as dishwashers, sinks, taps, garbage disposals and water filters

Everything you need to know about kitchen renovations and more...

The kitchen is the most important room in your property is not just for cooking and cleaning.
It’s a meeting area that should blend in with the rest of your property making it a social destination it can be a meeting place for the family preparation area that should function perfectly in making the function of cooking and cleaning effortless and enjoyable. Kitchens are all about design and functionality. Contracting a interior designer to turn your needs of the space (what you want to use it for) in to a free flowing workable space. A designer will also provide you with detailed drawings that a quote from different suppliers can be obtained.

What does a kitchen renovation cost

A kitchen renovation cost is totally dependent on size of the area quality of materials and fittings and finishes. Small kitchenettes can start out at around $7000. Medium size kitchens with standard fittings, stone bench tops and good appliances start at around $25000 to large kitchens with top fittings and appliances to be from $50,000 to $100,000. We can always build to your budget

What is the process from quote to completion?

  • We will attend for a free site visit and quote. We will discuss options like finishing’s moving fixtures, budget, lay out after this first meeting we may recommend that a designer is needed, we can provide a list of recommended Interior Designers who will charge for their time in providing colour solutions products Design, layout and provide detailed drawings
  • I will then draft a first quote based on the meeting if the client is happy with the quote we will attend again to finalise the little details tile colour fittings and fixtures and the final price. A contract will be signed to protect both parties as required by Fair Trading.
  • Check measure will take place of the cabinetry to ensure that dimensions are correct looking at the level of the building and if walls are square. Production of cabinetry will commence
  • We will then work out a schedule to conduct the job.
  • First a demolition crew will remove the old kitchen.
  • The plumber and the electrician will conduct their rough in install new pipe work run wires data cable etc.
  • Cabinet maker will attend with the cabinet carcases and install.
  • Check measure of stone benchtop will take place will take place and go in to production.
  • At this time patching of walls, ceiling and doors may take place by a carpenter and a painter.
  • Cabinet makers will install doors and draws to kitchen cabinets.
  • Stone masons will then install bench top.
  • Splash back will be measured.
  • At this point plumber and electrician will attend installing appliances, power points, big screen television connecting your fridge to the internet, Kitchen sink, etc
  • Final clean and you will be able to use.
  • Install the splash back and you are all done.

How long will it take?

You should allow 1 week for a full standard Kitchen renovation from removal to being able to use it again. For custom kitchens this can take up to 3 weeks depending on extra carpentry work and moving of plumbing and electrical also bench tops can be delayed depending on complexity and the need to conduct a final check measure. Please note custom bench tops and splash backs can delay a project as bench top may need to be measured once all cabinetry is in and then the splashback has to be measured once the bench top is installed

Will I be able to use my kitchen during the renovation?

It can be hard to be without your Kitchen for a few weeks. You can essentially start using your new space after the benchtops have been installed and plumbing connected. You may need to plan ahead make sure that your BBQ is in good working order and maybe setting up a camping stove. It is always possible to set up a temporary dishwasher. . We can provide rental solutions for this issue if needed.

Do you provide and source all materials?

We can provide and source all materials if you haven’t the time to go around to different suppliers to find the right product this service does come at a cost but we are happy to work with the client in selecting the right product for them in colour and style but most of all that the product will fit the space.

Do you protect the rest of the house while work is being conducted.

Yes we will attend and lay drop sheets over floors and furniture in the house or apartment and can also offer a final cleaning service once the construction is finished to have your house looking cleaner than when we started.

Can anything go wrong during the kitchen renovation?

When you are looking at an existing Kitchen it isn’t possible to see issues that are the existing cabinetry like rotten timbers and floors, poor render or structural problems like termites or poor footings. STS plumbing has great relationships with carpenters and builders that are able to resolve the issues quickly without throwing the schedule out too much. This work will cost extra but this is only to ensure that you have a great finished product.

What are common mistakes people make renovating their kitchens?

  1. Choosing a quote totally on price is a big one a cheap quote means a poor quality Kitchen and may not include items that other quotes included.
  2. Make sure that the contractor is going to be using licensed trades.
  3. The big one is if you are spending over $15,000 and not employing an interior designer, They do a 4 year course to match colours and plan out useable spaces that cater to your need.
  4. Thinking that just because you watch the block you can design a kitchen.

Is STS Plumbing licensed?

Yes STS Plumbing Holds a full bathroom Kitchen and laundry renovation license. You should always check if the contractor is licenced and you should also check to see that all the subcontractors are licensed as well. You can do this on the Office of Fair Trading web site STS Plumbing will supply a list of subcontractors and license numbers with insurance details so that you know that you are covered.

Do you offer warranty

STS Plumbing offers an industry 7 year warranty on all work conducted and a limited manufactures warranty on all fittings and fixtures