Leaking Taps

A leaking tap may not seem like much when you see a drop of water hit the sink occasionally, but every little bit counts. Did you know, a single tap that leaks a drop of water 10 times a minute wastes over 260 litres of water a year? Not only are you wasting precious water, but your leaking tap is costing you money.

“STS Plumbing can get your leaking taps sorted quickly, efficiently and save you time and money in the long run”

Why are my taps leaking?

You’ll know you have a leaking tap if it’s hard to turn off and keeps dripping, or if water appears on the top of the sink or vanity. Common causes of leaking taps include:
  • Damaged washers that no longer control the flow of water in the pipe
  • O-rings that have worn down and cause leaking below the head when the tap is on
  • Failed mixer cartridges that result in water dripping out of the handle
  • Brass seats or valves that are pitted and need reseating or grinding down.

How do I fix it?

STS Plumbing can easily disassemble the leaking tap to find the cause and replace any faulty washers, O-rings or cartridges. While we’re there, we’ll clean out the tap bonnet and remove any debris, check any hoses and reseat the tap body. We’ll then reassemble the tap and check carefully for any leaks. If we think it’ll be cheaper to replace the leaking tap rather than repair it, we’ll let you know. We can order in any stock that’s required and install your new tap once it arrives.

When do I need STS Plumbing?

It may be tempting to ignore a leaking tap or practise your DIY skills, but you won’t be doing your purse or plumbing any favours. Leaking taps are one of the main sources of water wastage in the home and can cause long-term damage, so it’s best to call in a professional plumber straight away.

Q: A leaking tap isn’t an emergency - should I really call a plumber?

Absolutely! Whilst it may not be an urgent issue, it’s still important to get it fixed to save water and save you money. We’ll make sure to give your taps a good clean and give everything a once over before we put it back together.

Q: Can you fix my leaking taps then and there?

You bet. Unless you require a whole new tap, in which case we’ll order in the stock for you and do the install when it arrives.