Common problems with sewer lines

It’s not the kind of conversation you’d have at the dinner table, but that’s ok. We’re available to chat about any problems you’re having with your sewer line, including unpleasant signs your sewer line may be blocked or broken.

A damaged or blocked sewer line can wreak havoc on your property and affect the health and safety of your family, so it requires an expert touch. If you notice any soggy patches, blocked drains, foul smells or unusual sounds from plumbing on your property, you may have a problem with your sewage. Common problems with sewer lines include:

  • Tree roots that grow into the pipe through the joints, or create cracks that block the pipe
  • Old or poorly installed pipes that cause the sewer line to collapse and the surrounding soil to erode, blocking the flow of wastewater
  • A build-up of debris or overloading of stormwater that causes the sewer line to crack.

How STS Plumbing can help

As the North Shore’s plumbing experts, we understand the layout and condition of sewer lines and storm water drainage around your home. Our plumbers use modern diagnostic equipment including video cameras to find the source of the problem with pinpoint accuracy.

First, we’ll clear any blockages to get your wastewater flowing again, using high-pressure jets to remove debris inside the sewer pipe. If the pipe has collapsed or cracked, we can repair or replace the broken section while minimising damage to your garden and property.