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STS Plumbing, Your Local Plumber in the North Shore


Do you know your local plumber? In Australia, there are over 27,300 plumbing businesses. With so many to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed when a pipe bursts or your toilet leaks, and you scan the directory, looking… Read more

Can you add a bathroom on a slab?


If you’re renovating a house that is built on a concrete foundation but you want to change the floor plan, you might be wondering if you can add a bathroom. If you want to add a bathroom on… Read more

Roof Repairs Sydney? We Have You Covered


Having a safe and secure roof over your head is sometimes taken for granted, until there is a problem, of course. Your roof is the first thing to take a battering from rain, hail, wind and the hot… Read more

Roofing Repairs Sydney? Should you DIY?

Are you looking for information about roofing repairs Sydney and considering a DIY approach to your roofing repair job? It’s tempting to carry out repairs around the home yourself because it can save you hundreds of dollars, right? Well,… Read more

Keeping Warm in Winter


There’s no doubt that winter is well and truly here – in fact, we’re right in the middle of it.  The single-digit overnight temperatures and crisp days have most of us reaching for our ugg boots and warmest… Read more

Checking your Hot Water System


Aaaaah, there’s nothing like a nice warm shower on a chilly winter’s morning. Unless this is one of the mornings when you step into the shower, and the water coming out is cold … and it doesn’t warm… Read more

Wet Weather Plumbing Tips


The month of April traditionally records one of the highest average number of rainfall days, which just under half of the month expected to see the wet stuff falling from the sky. Times of heavy rain can often… Read more

Our Top Plumbing Tips for Autumn


The first of March officially heralds a change of season.  Autumn will see the days get shorter as we transition into winter.  We’ll be treated to nature’s amazing colour palette as deciduous trees begin to change leaf colour… Read more

Kitchen Renovations


For many people, the kitchen in undeniably the heart and soul of the home.  It’s the hub of the house where a multitude of activity that goes far beyond food creation.  Many kitchens benches are the space of… Read more

Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Summer


Did you know that you use more water in your home during summer than any other season? Just think – all that extra washing from more changes of clothes, all that extra kitchen activity with entertaining over the… Read more

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