Hot Water Systems

There’s nothing like a chilly shower on a cold morning to throw your home into chaos! If your hot water system is leaking, flooding, has burst or is simply not working as it should call us straight away and we’ll sort it out. Our plumbers are qualified to repair hot water systems and can install a new system if required.

“If your failing hot water system has left you out in the cold, give us a call; we can service, repair or replace it asap!”

Signs your hot water system may be failing

If you find yourself running out of hot water more often or notice a decline in water temperature, it could be a sign of heating element or thermostat issues with your hot water system. Discoloured water or strange odours issuing from your taps may indicate corrosion inside the tank and unusual noises like rumbling or popping sounds could mean a buildup of sediment. And if you spot any leaks or water pooling around the system, it's time to give us a call.

Why is my Hot Water System failing?

Hot water system issues can be caused by a number of problems including:

  • A failed element or thermostat of your electric hot water system that leaves you with no hot water
  • A pilot light that has turned off
  • A failed TPR valve which causes water to pour out of the overflow pipe
  • A corroded tank that causes brown water to flow out of the hot tap or leak from the tank
  • A failed tank that corrodes and explodes, flooding your property.

How do I fix it?

Our qualified plumbers will test and replace broken parts, including the tank if it has corroded or failed. If you need a new hot water system installed, we will discuss which system will best suit your hot water needs and preferred energy supply. Your old hot water system will be removed and disposed of thoughtfully within 24 hours.

When do I need STS Plumbing?

The minute your shower gets cold or you notice any leaks, give us a call. We can service, repair or replace gas, electric and solar hot water systems of all sizes, whether it’s a small heater under the sink or a commercial system that services an entire unit block. We’ll be upfront about any potential costs and provide all our rates over the phone, as well as offer some tips to help you determine whether a professional plumber is required. 

Q: I can’t take another day of cold showers - can your team fix or replace my hot water system quickly?

Yes, in most cases! Our team are qualified to repair or replace a wide range of hot water systems and we can usually repair or replace the same day. If you need a replacement system, things may take a little longer as we work with you to figure out which hot water system is best for your needs.

Q: Do you do hot water system upgrades and servicing?

You bet! Our team work with gas, electric and solar hot water systems large and small. If you need a service or you’re looking to change your energy source, we’ll be happy to assist.