Below Ground Waterproofing

If you’ve got a basement area, or your construction cuts into a hill, below ground or subsoil Waterproofing is essential. Waterproofing, in combination with dewatering systems like AG lines and drainage cells that take the water away from your sub-ground internal structure is required to protect your structure from water damage. In most new builds today, a Hydraulic Engineer designs and specifies how this should be constructed. However, it’s not uncommon for some builders to cut costs on this area or fail to install suitable products.

"This is where STS Plumbing can help. We are specialists in providing expert solutions to rectify damp, flooding or mouldy sub floor areas."

Below ground waterproofing plans are best made whilst your new construction is in the planning stage. There are a number of considerations to be made, from the type of soil or rock to be excavated, to what sediments will be produced over the years. On the list of what needs to be sorted out before construction are things like whether or not you will require pumps, which waterproof membrane is best, and whether your chosen membrane will react with soils or contaminants below ground.

Is Your Property Facing Waterproofing Challenges?

If you see water, smell damp or find mould in your belowground or subsoil basement, you have a below ground water problem. To locate the source of the water or “fail point”, we conduct a thorough investigation which may include breaching walls, ceilings and excavation of some areas to check the existing system. Once we establish the root cause of the problem we’ll provide a report and a possible solution to your waterproofing problems. This includes a cost estimate to conduct the works, although, when dealing with below ground issues, you never quite know what you’re going to find. As we proceed with the works, we’ll keep you updated with any issues that may arise and once completed, we’ll conduct flood testing to confirm that your waterproofing is up to scratch and your issues are resolved.

Waterproofing Rectification

If you inherited a waterproofing problem, or the waterproofing planning wasn’t effective, typically the best solution is to physically remove the water with a suitable drainage system and install a positive pressure membrane to the affected wall. Unfortunately this is not always possible, but at STS Plumbing, we have developed a solution. By installing negative pressure membranes on internal walls to prevent the moisture from entering the area, we essentially create a dam and hold the water back to prevent further damage.

Rising Damp

In some instances your issue may be rising damp. If we determine that to be the case, we can inject a chemical silicone damp course that will make brick impervious to water. Finally, to remove the distinctive smell of damp and reduce mould in your property, we recommend mechanical removal of air as the most effective method.

When do I need STS Plumbing?

For all below ground waterproofing enquiries, we are happy to attend during the construction phase to ensure that any potential issues are resolved before your renovations or new home or extension reaches completion. More than once we have seen new homes flooded by poor waterproofing and drainage construction. Having your new home gutted to start again is costly and inconvenient, and as a result, we have become experts at fixing other builder’s mistakes.