Domestic plumbing services

As Sydney’s Lower North Shore plumbing experts, we know exactly what kind of plumbing maintenance and repairs you need around the home. Whether you have a leaking tap, blocked drain or need a new hot water system, STS Plumbing has affordable local plumbers and no-nonsense advice that the locals love.

  • Leaking Taps

    It may be tempting to ignore a leaking tap or practice your DIY skills, but you won’t be doing your purse or plumbing any favours. Leaking taps are one of the main sources of water wastage in the home and can cause long-term damage, so it’s best to call in a professional plumber straight away. learn more

  • Leaking Toilet

    Leaking toilets can often go unnoticed, especially if the leak is silent or out of view. But if you spot a leak or hear a hiss, don’t panic. Our plumbers are never far away and can provide a fast fix and expert advice on repairing or replacing your leaking toilet. learn more

  • Blocked Drains

    Those luscious locks may not be the only reason your drains are blocked. Our plumbers have the right equipment on hand to discover the cause of your blocked drain, including drain cameras, water-jetters, electric eels and location detectors to pinpoint the issue with a minimum of fuss. This means you won’t need to fork out extra cash for contractors and can get your blocked drain fixed as fast as possible. learn more

  • Burst Pipes & Water Leaks

    A burst pipe requires a superhero to save your home from flooding. Luckily, we have a whole team of them. We can provide you with the right advice, ask the right questions and arrive on your doorstep with all the right equipment to rescue you from a burst pipe or water leak emergency. learn more

  • Plumber Gas Fitter

    Gas is a clean, green option for cooking and heating your home. It’s more affordable than electricity and incredibly energy efficient, saving you money now and in the future. If you’re looking to make the switch or need a local plumber to service, repair or install gas in your home, call STS plumbing today. learn more

  • Hot Water Systems

    There’s nothing like a chilly shower to throw your home into chaos! If your hot water system is leaking, flooding, burst or simply not working, call us straight away and we’ll sort it out. Our plumbers are qualified to conduct hot water system repairs and can install a new system if required. learn more

  • Roofing & Gutters

    Don’t let the weather huff and puff and blow your roof down. Call STS Plumbing to repair or replace the roof or gutters on your home, so you can stay safe and dry. Our roof plumbers can get to those hard-to-reach places and stop that leak before it becomes a downpour. learn more

  • Sewer Lines

    It’s not the kind of conversation you’d have at the dinner table, but that’s ok. We’re available to chat about any problems you’re having with your sewer line, including unpleasant signs your sewer line may be blocked or broken. learn more

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