Keeping Warm in Winter

There’s no doubt that winter is well and truly here – in fact, we’re right in the middle of it.  The single-digit overnight temperatures and crisp days have most of us reaching for our ugg boots and warmest doonas, plus other home heating options.

What are my options for heating?

We’re lucky in this part of the world for a whole host of reasons, one of which is our relatively short cold season.  But that doesn’t stop most of us from complaining at least once a day about how cold it is, does it?  Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can make sure you are warm and comfortable in the sanctuary of your home. Just reading this list should make you feel nice and toasty:

  • Gas heating   Gas is a clean, green, keeping-you-warm machine!  This is an incredibly energy efficient option for heating your home.  There are many stylish gas heaters on the market so you’re sure to find one that suits your style.  Don’t worry if your home doesn’t already have bayonet points for gas – we can install these for you.
  • Hot water  Probably one of the most important things to have in winter – can you imagine a freezing cold shower on a chilly winter morning?  Unless you turn on the shower one morning and it’s not there, hot water is something most of us take for granted.  We’ll go a step further and assume that most people are not in the habit of checking their hot water system unless something goes drastically wrong. 
    It’s important to note that most hot water systems last for around 10 years – anything longer than this and you’re on borrowed time.  Have a look at your hot water system and check the manufacturer’s label for a date.  If it’s getting close to 10 years, it’s time to think about an upgrade – which is an ideal opportunity to consider gas hot water.  Our team is highly experienced in hot water systems, and we’d be happy to discuss which system will best suit your needs.
  • Cooking with gas  The thought of winter cooking is sure to conjure up images of comfort food like lamb shanks, hearty soups, casseroles, roasts and maybe even puddings for dessert.  Gas in the kitchen is a highly efficient use of energy that can speed your cooking times and add value to your home.  If you’re thinking of updating major appliances like your stove and cooktops, talk to us about your options.
  • Bathroom renovations    If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, whether you’re looking at a gut out and re-do, or just a few cosmetic changes, consider things like towel warmers or heated tiles.  It might sound trivial, but small tweaks in your bathroom can really make the difference between biting cold and toasty comfort. The STS team loves a bathroom reno, and we’re up to date with all the latest products on the market, so make sure you talk to us before you start your renovations.

So, it looks like your friendly local plumber plays a vital role in keeping you warm in winter.  If it’s just not warm enough at your place, give us a call for a consultation.

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