Kitchen Renovations

For many people, the kitchen in undeniably the heart and soul of the home.  It’s the hub of the house where a multitude of activity takes place that goes far beyond food creation.  Many kitchens benches are the space of homework, weekly planning, family meetings, all the best gossip during dinner parties.

In older homes, kitchens tended to be much smaller than they are today.  They were a space used almost exclusively for cooking, with distinctly separate rooms for dining and living rooms.  Today, kitchens are rarely just utilitarian spaces.  They are open plan, designed to fuse seamlessly with living and dining areas.

And a well-designed kitchen doesn’t just offer benefits to the flow of a household.  A house’s resale value is often largely determined by the kitchen.  In fact, giving your kitchen a makeover can up to 15% to the value of your home - you can expect to recoup 60%-120% of your investment on a kitchen remodel (as long as you don’t go overboard, of course!).  But it also allows you to create a space that perfectly reflects your lifestyle, and some might argue that this is priceless.

What to consider when renovating your kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can be a major project, so it pays to plan accordingly.  No matter what your budget, you’ll need to consider things like:

  • Design and product selection - The kitchen accounts for almost 13% of the average home’s water usage, so it pays to be up to date with the latest in water efficient products including 3-star kitchen taps and 5-star dishwashers.
  • Disconnecting existing fixtures and pipes in preparation for renovation.
  • Supply and installation of cabinetry and bench tops.
  • Installation and repositioning of pipes, drains, fixtures and hot water systems.
  • Installation of appliances and fittings such as dishwashers, sinks, taps, garbage disposals and water filters.

The STS Plumbing team loves kitchen renovations.  We can guide you through your kitchen reno from design, through to installation, and after-sales care.  We delivery high quality work and pride ourselves on our exceptional value. So if you're considering a reno, give us a call!

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