What Happens When a Blocked Drain Affects More Than Just You?

Crows Nest is a picturesque place with quiet, tree lined streets, period architecture and apartment blocks dating back to the 1920’s. Five kilometres north of the Sydney CBD, Crows Nest began life as a cottage built by Edward Wollstonecraft in 1821.

If you live in a strata, then it’s fairly safe to say you will probably get to know your plumber rather well. Good thing then that we’re well known for our exceptional customer service. Not only are we completely familiar with the challenges of living in and around Crows Nest, but we are also well versed in all the local council requirements. We go out of our way to ensure that you’re getting the best service in Sydney’s North Shore, with highly competitive rates and ongoing service agreements.

The job is never ‘on hold’ because of a lack of equipment. We own and maintain all the equipment needed to do the job – whatever that job is. Not only do we pride ourselves on clear communication with the strata corporate body but also with all the strata residents. We go out of our way to let every resident know, as far in advance as possible, when the water will be switched off.

Our plumbing services include leaking taps, toilets, blocked drains, burst pipes and water leaks, shower base replacement and repair, backflow testing and installation, sewer and stack replacement.

But we’re not just a plumbing company. We also provide an excellent kitchen, bathroom and roofing renovation service. We are experts at repairing and installing hot water systems and gas fittings. We can completely re-roof your home and sort out the gutters if need be.

The Plumber with Experience

You can rely on us to be at your place in a jiffy and do a professional, neat and hassle-free job. Our 18 years’ experience means we understand the requirements of insurance work and commercial tenders and will go out of our way to make sure you have all the information you require.

Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

We do have a call-out fee but we will give you honest and affordable pricing over the phone. We guarantee that the job will be done promptly, tidily, reliably and professionally. We get it right the first time and offer expert advice to save you from expensive plumbing issues in the future.

We have a great Resources and FAQ page on our website where you can find answers to the questions you may have about when to call a plumber and what Services we offer. We’re full of interesting information. For example, did you know that the first flushing toilet ever recorded was over 2800 years ago and it was owned by King Minos of Crete?

Need a Plumber in Crows Nest?

Don’t let that leaky tap drive you, or anyone else, to distraction. Give us a tinkle and discover the best local plumber in Crows Nest. Simon Totterdell prides himself on responding personally to every enquiry within 24 hours.