Plumbers that Renovate!

STS Plumbing is a highly versatile company. Not only can they sort out the usual plumbing issues but they also handle gas fittings, roofs and gutters as well as kitchen and bathroom renovations and roofing renovations. Now, the reason we mention this is because Lane Cove once had a rather disturbing incident with a cockatiel named Tweety, a robot and the bomb squad. It all started when an underground tunnel collapsed under the house, trapping Tweety inside the crumbling building. Two days later she was rescued by the bomb squad robot. The point is, you don’t need to have a tunnel collapse under your house before you decide to renovate, and STS Plumbing in Lane Cove are the experts to call.

Reliable, Licensed, Professional

We’re known for our exceptional, friendly, approach. But that doesn’t mean we’re happy-go-lucky. Whether it’s a plumbing problem or whether we’re installing a new roof, safety comes first. All Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) standards are strictly adhered to and we hold valid certificates of currency for Workers Compensation and Public Liability. The roofing services we supply include removing and disposing of existing tiles or steel, undertaking any repairs on roof if required, installing leaf guards, guttering, eaves, vents, skylights and obviously, roofing.

Plumbing and renovations are usually pretty messy occupations. But we have a clean-as-you-go policy and make sure we leave your place neat, clean and tidy afterwards as well. Apart from the fact that you now have a brand new kitchen, bathroom or roof, you’ll never know we’ve been there. We guarantee that the job will done promptly, tidily, reliably and professionally. The Australian climate is harsh, there’s no doubt about it, and that will take a toll on your roof. To make sure you get the right roof for your home we’ll go through each step involved with you, whether you’re starting from scratch with a new build or restoring a classic.

From the Sewers to the Roof

STS Plumbing are the friendly professionals for the job. We have a great Resources and FAQ page on our website where you can find answers to any question you may have and a more detailed description of the Services we offer. We’re full of interesting information. Did you know that the roof of the Sydney Opera House weighs more than 160,000 tons?

Need a Plumber in Lane Cove?

Don’t let that leaky tap drive you, or anyone else, to distraction. Give us a tinkle and discover the best local plumber in Lane Cove. Simon Totterdell prides himself on responding personally to every enquiry within 24 hours.