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Do you need a dependable plumber in Lindfield? STS Plumbing is the local crew that can handle all your plumbing needs. Everything from an emergency plumbing situation to bathroom remodels. We offer premium plumbing services for both commercial and residential buildings. You treasure your home as a place to get away, relax, and enjoy time with your loved ones. Leaky taps, pipes, and clogged toilets happen, but they shouldn't disrupt your home life. Our team of licensed plumbing professionals is available 24/7 to provide friendly plumbing advice, speedy repairs, or installations for your plumbing system. 

Founded by Simon Totterdell, a third-generation plumber with over 18 years of experience, STS Plumbing has risen to be Lindfield's pride. As a team, we provide quality maintenance, repairs, and renovation services to your satisfaction. As a locally operated company, our plumber understands the plumbing challenges facing homes and businesses in Lindfield and is familiar with local council requirements. 

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Hiring a licensed and insured plumber in Lindfield is essential for plumbing troubles. You get the assurance that the plumber has the qualifications and proficiency to address your plumbing matters effectively. At STS Plumbing, our reliable plumbers are licensed, insured, skilled, and courteous. Ignoring a leaking or burst pipe can lead to substantial issues and costly repairs. STS Plumbing offers dependable service to ensure the burst pipe issue is resolved and all drains are cleared as fast and safely as possible.

At STS Plumbing, our plumbers are highly qualified and experienced, ensuring they can easily tackle any plumbing job. Our expertise lets us quickly identify and resolve plumbing issues, saving you time and money. Our team is highly skilled and proficiently and regularly trained in the most up-to-date plumbing techniques, tools, and skills. With the highest professionalism and expertise, we can handle any plumbing job, from simple repairs to complex installations.

Plumber Lindfield

Experience the Difference Our Plumber in Lindfield Brings to Your Property

Investing in your plumbing is an expensive operation. As such, you want to guarantee that our plumbers will do the work correctly. STS Plumbing understands this, so we provide a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. As a result, our customers receive high-quality services, and any potential issues that arise down the line are addressed promptly and effectively. In addition to offering transparent pricing and flexible payment options, STS Plumbing is committed to providing competitive rates for all plumbing services in Lindfield. Our cost-effective pricing ensures you receive the best value for your investment without compromising on the quality of our services. Don't despair if you have a plumbing emergency. STS Plumbing is the local plumber you can trust and rely on. Here are the reasons why:

  • Great service
  • Family-owned and operated
  • Reduced rates for locals
  • On time, every time
  • Professional and experienced
  • Total work guarantee

When you call us out to do a repair job, we'll not only complete the work but also provide appropriate advice and recommendations to prevent the situation from reoccurring.

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