Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Summer

Did you know that you use more water in your home during summer than any other season? Just think – all that extra washing from more changes of clothes, all that extra kitchen activity with entertaining over the festive period, and all that extra water being used to maintain the garden in the heat (and keep the kids amused under the sprinkler!). Here are our top plumbing maintenance tips for summer:

  • Check your appliances - It’s a basic maintenance activity that could save you money and hassle. Have a look over your main appliance connections, like your washing machine and your dishwasher. Check the integrity of the connections and look for any signs of leaks.
  • Book in for a sewer inspection - The warmth and rain in summer is the time when tree roots grow the fastest. If you have even just a hairline fracture in your sewer pipe, roots will get in, and they can do terrible damage once they’re in.
  • Don’t ignore leaking taps - Even a small drip from your taps can waste around 21 litres a week, and that’s just money down the drain – literally!
  • Upgrade to water efficient products -There are so many great plumbing products on the market to help you save water (and money). Consider upgrading water efficient taps, shower heads and toilets. Look for high water efficiency ratings on dishwashers and washing machines.
  • Catch your own water - Have you considered installing a rainwater tank at your house? There are some fantastic designs available to complement your home’s exterior.

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