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Do you know your local plumber? In Australia, there are over 27,300 plumbing businesses. With so many to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed when a pipe bursts or your toilet leaks, and you scan the directory, looking for someone who's not only reliable, but also affordable.

An emergency is no time to be looking up plumbers and researching them individually. Instead, you should do this beforehand so you know who you can call for any plumbing problems.

For instance, STS Plumbing is your local plumber to get in touch with, no matter what issues you have.

Why? Read on to find out why STS Plumbing is the best of all local plumbing companies in the North Shore!

We've Got Over a Decade of Experience

STS Plumbing was first established back in 2007 by owner Simon Totterdell. Over 13 years later, our business is still going strong. This should be strong proof that we go above and beyond to help our customers. 

In fact, Simon personally responds to every enquiry within 24 hours because he cares about prompt service and making a real connection with all our customers.

Not only that, but Simon's actually a 3rd-generation plumber who has almost 2 decades of experience himself. Plumbing is in his blood, so you can trust him and our crew to handle any problems we come across.

We Can Fix Anything

Because we have so much experience in the plumbing industry, you can have full confidence knowing that we can fix anything when it comes to both commercial and domestic plumbing services.

Issues we're familiar with include:

·   Leaking taps

·   Leaking toilets

·   Blocked drains

·   Burst pipes

·   Water leaks

We can also do gas fitting and work with hot water systems, roofing, gutters, and sewer lines. And whether you have a home renovation or commercial contract, our professional team can assist you with it. We'll make sure that your business goes through as little disruptions as possible.

STS Plumbing is also who you can rely on when you need strata plumbing in Sydney. We'll provide all of the services above, as well as:

·   Shower base replacement and repair

·   Backflow testing and installation

·   Commercial tenders

We'll handle all communication on your behalf so none of your residents are ever confused when we're on the job. We'll be clear with them about when water will be shut off and turned back on. In addition, we'll give them as much notice as possible so they can make proper arrangements if necessary.

As you can see, if it has a pipe or gutter, we can work on it! We'll help you with cleaner, greener, and more affordable options so you can not only look after the environment, but also save some money in the process.

We Know the North Shore

When we say we're a local plumbing company, we mean local. We're actually based in Lane Cove, which means we know the area like the back of our hands.

This means we have a solid service area, which includes:

·   Artarmon

·   Chatswood

·   Mosman

·   North Sydney

When you need us, you can depend on our team to arrive promptly. Not only do we understand that your time is important, but we're also from your neighbourhood.

Locals Get Reduced Rates

Knowing the local community is only half of it. The other half is caring for it, and that's what STS Plumbing does.

Simon and the team are very familiar with council requirements on the North Shore. We've seen all the challenges that can come with both residential and commercial plumbing, which can be quite frustrating.

This is why we'll do everything in our power to ensure your plumbing jobs go smoothly. What does this mean for you?

Simon will give locals service call discounts so they can get the services they need, without breaking the bank. In addition, he'll source the parts you need in a flash, so you don't have to be without proper plumbing for very long.

We're Very Transparent

Some more unscrupulous local plumbing contractors might be purposely vague about their services and quotes. That way, they can tack on hefty fees at the end.

But you won't have to worry about that with STS Plumbing.

When you call us, you'll get honest and upfront pricing once we get a good idea of what you need and when. Plus, all our work comes with a guarantee that we'll always be on time and professional. Anything less is just unacceptable to us!

When you ask if we charge for a service call, we'll be straightforward and tell you "yes." This is to cover the time we need to travel and the operating costs we have to spend, so we hope you understand! We do offer a discounted rate for clients in the Lower North Shore ($70 plus GST).

STS Plumbing Is Your Local Plumber You Can Depend On

Do you now have a good idea of who your local plumber should be? STS Plumbing!

Not only do we have lots of experience and are licensed, but we're a local business that cares about the community. We'll give locals in North Shore great discounts, prompt service, and green options.

So when you need to find a local plumber, STS Plumbing is a name you can count on. We've been around to serve Sydney’s Lower North Shore for decades and we're not going anywhere!For a reliable and experienced plumber in the North Shore, get in touch with STS Plumbing. We guarantee that we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Need a Local Plumber?

Our expert Sydney plumbers can be at your home or office in a jiffy to discuss your plumbing requirements.



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