The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Most people are pretty good at keeping up regular maintenance on all sorts of things: we schedule our cars in for a service every 10,000 kms or so to keep it running smoothly and fuel efficiently; we regularly book in with the hairdresser to keep our tresses under control; we make book in with the dentist every six months to ensure our oral hygiene. All good things to do. What amazes us is how few people schedule regular maintenance on their BIGGEST asset – their home. Here's a few good reasons why it pays to keep up your maintenance.

Maintain - avoid pain!

We encourage you to get into the habit of scheduling in your friendly STS plumber to conduct a regular maintenance check of your home to ensure that all your plumbing is kept working well, and to ensure that any problems are detected early.  Plumbing is one of those things; when it's all running well, most people don't pay it a second thought.  But to keep it running well is an exercise in prevention rather than cure, and that's why scheduling a maintenance check at least once a year is so important.

The benefits of regular plumbing maintenance

It's easy to put off regular maintenance when everything is running well, but getting your plumbing checked can mean avoiding disaster and even improving your services. The benefits of regular maintenance include:

  • Preventing blocked drains before they require professional intervention
  • Saving money (and the environment) by keeping leaky taps in check
  • Better water pressure for your well-deserved relaxing showers at the end of the day
  • Avoiding disasters with a simple fix (think hot water systems, cracked sewer pipes, water damage)

Look beyond the sink

It's not just the obvious aspects of your home's plumbing, like your toilet, sinks, showers and bathtubs that work hard.  There are also the behind-the-scenes elements like your drains, hot water heaters, sewers and water pressure that also play a huge part in keeping your house running.  Whether you live in a new house, or one that was built 50 years ago, maintenance checks are the way to go to ensure you're on top of any problems early on. After all, regular maintenance can also extend the life of your home's roof, gutters and drains.

Give us a call and book us in for a plumbing maintenance check at your home, investment property or commercial premises.

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