Turning off your Water Main

We’ve been in the plumbing business for nearly 20 years and we can confidently say that at some point in every home owner’s or home renter’s life, you’ll find yourself in a situation that requires you finding your water main location and turning off the water supply to your house.

Here’s one tiny piece of knowledge that could save you a whole lot of damage and expense in the event of a plumbing emergency – do you how and where to turn off of the main water supply to your house?

Where to look?

Inside your home, many water-using fixtures have some type of shut-off valve that allows to you stop the water supply at that fixture without shutting off the water to the entire house. Have a look, for example, at the water supply near the s-bend of your toilet, and in the cupboard underneath your kitchen sink.

Your water main is usually located near your water meter, outside at the front of your house, near the boundary of your home, sometimes in the close vicinity to a garden tap. Depending on how old your house is, it may have a knob or a nut for turning – turn it clockwise, or to your right, to turn the water off.

For units, you can find your main water control valves under a kitchen sink or under your laundry sink. If you can’t locate it, call us or get in touch with your strata manager.

Why do I need to know where it is?

A plumbing emergency such as a burst pipe can cause tens of thousands of dollars of water damage to your home, and can leave you with a nasty big water bill, so the quicker you can turn off the water main, the less damage will be caused before we can get there to fix it.

P for Plumber

We would suggest that everyone in your house who is old enough to be at home alone should know how to locate the water main and confidently turn it off, and that includes teenagers. Practice it now - when there’s no emergency! And put our number under “P” for plumber in everyone’s phone so they can call us quickly.

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