Do I need to waterproof my Laundry?

Generally, 'do I need to waterproof my Laundry?’ is a question we hear when someone is trying to cut corners on a renovation project or new build. The truth is, failing to waterproof any wet area in your home can result in significant water damage and may see you spending far more money and time than you saved. 

Below, we’ve outlined some of the key reasons why you need to waterproof your laundry (and other wet areas in your home), and the regulations and standards you need to be aware of. 

You’re saving yourself from water damage 

Similar to the reasons we outlined in our article about waterproofing a bathroom, waterproofing your wet areas is protecting yourself from future damage in areas where there is high water use. Like bathrooms, laundries are exposed to high water volumes, potential leaks and drainage issues, damp, humidity (think dryers) and if not properly waterproofed, you’re opening yourself up to a whole host of damage. 

It’s the rules

Waterproofing falls under the Building Code of Australia, and must comply with the Australian Standards (AS 3740-1994) Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas. With regards to laundries, this stipulates that laundry floors and walls must be waterproofed.

When it comes time to sell, you’ll be in strife

Checking for adequate waterproofing is an essential part of a building and pest inspection, and if you can’t present a certificate from a professional, the inspector will have to look a little deeper. If your job isn’t certified, there could signs of water damage you didn’t know you didn’t know you had, putting the sale of your property at risk

Can I do it myself?

It’s best not to. In Queensland and Victoria, waterproofing must be done by a licensed professional and in the other states, the job needs to be signed off and certified. There are also a whole host of materials that may (or may not) be suitable for the job. If you’re not confident enough choosing and applying your waterproofing materials, it’s a job for the experts; especially given how high the stakes are if it goes wrong. 

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