How do you save money on hot water?

Everyone loves to have a hot bath during winter or to use hot water for doing household chores like cleaning utensils or cloths. But have you ever thought how much it actually costs you? We've put together some tips to reduce your electricity bill whilst still enjoying the benefits of hot water.

Top tips for saving money

The high electricity consumption of a hot water system can be a real burden on your wallet each month. Therefore, it’s important to cut down the cost by using certain steps which can actually help you in saving money as well as energy on hot water:

  • Turn the temperature of the water heater down by a few degrees. There are many people who heat the water so warm that they mix it with cold water. By turning the temperature a few degrees down, you can get lukewarm water and can reduce energy consumption.
  • Change the shower head; put a low-flow head so that the wastage of water is avoided. You can enjoy shower for a longer time period while using less amount of hot water.
  • Insulate your hot water pipelines; When the water travels through the pipe, it loses heat, so once you insulate them, the water is much hotter due and results in saving you money.
  • Water dripping might look like a small thing but overall it can actually cost you a lot. Replace or fix the washer or the fittings of the hot water taps to avoid drips.
  • Take showers instead of baths; it can help in saving gallons of water and can indirectly save your money.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water rather than using a warm wash.
  • Turn off the switch to the hot water system when going away for more than 3 days. Leaving it on can only lead to waste of energy and money.
  • Use solar energy, and install a solar water heater. This might be a little expensive than other hot water systems, but in the long run, you'll notice the savings.

Let us help you shrink your bill

There are many people who find these things very basic but if considered, they can help in saving a lot of energy and money on electricity or gas bills. If you're looking to update, upgrade or switch your hot water system to solar, the friendly team at STS can help. We provide all services relating to your hot water systems and can get your system sorted quickly. Just give us a call to book a consultation.

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