The Perils of DIY

Let’s not kid ourselves.  Owning a home in Sydney is not necessarily cheap.  House prices are averaging over $1 million, monthly repayments are creeping up (despite the current low interest rates), and the cost of living is generally not for the feint hearted.  So we often have a go at fixing things in our home by ourselves.  The team at STS strongly recommends that DIY plumbing is not an area for do-it-yourself practice.

Did you know it takes five years of TAFE study and six years of on-the-job training before you can call yourself a qualified plumber?  That’s the same training as a resident doctor – we’re your resident house doctor (with just as many tricky orifices to navigate!).

What looks like a small problem may be much bigger than you think

Most of us take our plumbing for granted and we don’t pay it a second thought until something goes wrong – a dripping tap that keeps us up at night, a strange smell in the bathroom, a freezing shower on a cold winter’s morning, a mouldy damp spot on the ceiling.  It’s tempting have a crack at these scenarios after watching a 3 minute YouTube tutorial.  But most people simply don’t have the proper tools or the skills to confidently tackle plumbing problems.  What may seem like a saving in time and money becomes counterproductive when things go wrong and you need to call in the professionals.

Why leave it to the professionals?

We don’t want to scare you, but messing up a plumbing problem in your home – from a leaking tap, or a blocked drain, or a burst pipe - can lead to expensive long term damage.  Gas leaks in the home can expose you and your family to a potentially dangerous situation.

All told, there are too many risks for the budding DIYer when it comes to plumbing.  Leave it to the professionals who handle these things for a living and have the training and experience to sort out your plumbing maintenance and repairs.

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